VHF contest from home

Due i was not able to join the DM7A activity from JO60LK this time i decided to try a few contacts from home in JO61VB. My location is in the Elbe valley at the eastern slope. I mounted a DK7ZB Quadlong antenna to my fibre mast installed to the balcony. Find some report on the antenna here: http://dh5ym.hopto.org/wiki/?p=1138
Only 50W were available from my FT-857D transceiver because the PA was in JO60LK serving as spare.
Surprisingly even with this tiny setup from a that bad location it was possible to make some DX contacts. I just operated about 4.5hours and got 57QSO with about 190km average.
In the map the directions of the Elbe valley are clearly visible. Especially direction of Poland i was not able to work anyone. I had the impression that relatively few stations were calling CQ. Maybe that was just related to my poor RX but possibly that trend continues to move from the microwave bands to VHF as well. Using ON4KST chat it was possible to arrange for some nice contacts in addition to a few random QSO.
ODX was PA1T with 535km. Others in top 5 are S59P, HA2U, DL0LN and OM3CPF.
Many thanks to all who had the patience to copy my qrp signal.

Sept 14 QSOs from JO61VB

Sept 2014: QSOs from JO61VB