June 20 Microwave contest

I was working the contest from home and part time. The 23cm transverter with 10m IF and the HiQSDR work pretty well. I used the Quados4 antenna since the 36ele ordered was still stuck in customs. ODX was HA5KDQ and in total 41QSO and 6900 points raw score. I also made some QSO on the higher bands on request. 3x 9cm, 1x 6 and 3cm each.

23cm map of reached contacts by dh5ym during microwave contest june 2020

4m 2020/June/01

After missing the big 2m ES last friday i had some luck on 4m today. Among others i worked GM4VVX, EA6FB, OH1KH, PA3FMP, GW8ASA, GU6EFB, EI8IQ and OY1OF.

reception reports on pskreporter.info for 4m on June 1st 2020 for DH5YM. map by openstreetmap contributors.