FM ATV and other activities

Over the past months there was quite some activity here and there but i found no time to document it. For vacation i took my FT-857 and the small duoband yagi and tried some FT8 in the evenings. I also tried some meteor scatter on 2m here and there. In November i found some time to participate in the Marconi contest with the DM7A team from JO60OM which resulted in a 3rd place in DL as multi-Op station. Some small activity was to collect some equipment for watching the local analog TV repeater which was reactivated during the year. After months of searching i found a nice portable FM satellite receiver. The repeater transmits on 10200MHz. With a normal satellite LNB with 9750MHz LO this will be far outside the tunable IF of the receiver. From previous experiments i had some cheap PLL LNB with 25MHz crystal. From previous experiments i found that it was not that usable for narrow band QO-100 acitivities as the 27MHz referenced Octagon LNBs but i knew that the PLL locked down to a 23.3MHz reference. So i ordered some 23.70625MHz crystals and exchanged it. With this crystal 10200MHz is converted to about 950MHz which is just at the lower end of the sat-IF range (the receiver tunes down to 900MHz). From the roof window i can now receive the DB0TUD ATV repeater 10GHz output. I do not know the frequency response of the LNB yet. Most probably the LNB is not very sensitive since the frequency is quite low compared to the satellite band. For some reason i broke my old DVB receivers AV input. So i used a cheap USB video grabber card to watch the video.

Video signal from DB0TUD from the sat-RX output shown on the scope
DB0TUD test picture shown on notebook screen via video grabber
tiny portable dish with modified PLL LNB (23.70625MHz crystal instead of 25MHz)