V/U/SHF Contest from JO60OM

23cm setup with HiQSDR…

HiQSDR 23cm

HiQSDR 23cm transverter setup

Contest from Hirtstein. Qrv mainly on 23cm. Setup was composed new. The old 10m-23cm TRV, 2x100W PA, 1.5m dish, backside Quados-8. Changed the Transceiver to my HiQSDR. Seeing the complete Band at once is pretty nice. CW was done completely by keyboard out of VUSC. SSB voicekeyer also worked via a small audio switchbox made for that purpose. Problems upfront were dynamic microphone headsets not working properly with the soundcard input. In addition Murphy made my linear powersupply fail during testing the equipment which lead to a damage of the transverter. Luckily it was not too terrible ;)