For Sale

9cm transverter
I want to sell my 9cm transverter because i currently build a new one. It is the old DB6NT design with separate LO chain. It has 144MHz IF.
It is mounted into a heavy aluminum enclosure with mast clamp.
The transverter includes a 5W PA and a RX/TX sequencer circuit. It is supplied with 13.8V. The input and output connector are SMA and the IF drive power is set to about 500mW.
I readjusted it about 1/2 year ago. It is ready to use if you have an antenna for 9cm.
The price idea is 300Euro + shipment.
Fotos of the inside and the tin plate boxes:

9cm transverter

Foto of the transverter on the mast (the lower one):
Transverter box on the mast
Please contact me via eMail if interested (