For Sale

For sale:

23cm transverter with 144MHz IF:
First DB6NT variant, integrated PA 20W. 500mW drive (adjustable). In little desk enclosure with heatsink on top. 12V supply.
Link to foto:

9cm transverter with 144MHz IF:
Old variant with separate boxes for RX, TX and LO. 5W PA integrated. 500mW drive (adjustable). Metal mast enclosure, N connectors. 12V supply.
Description and pictures:

Filtered LNA with SPF5043. SAW filter for 70cm, 23cm, 13cm or 1090MHz. Solder option for coax supply. No enclosure. SMA sockets.
NF: 0.5dB@2m, 0.7dB@70cm, 0.9dB@23cm, 1.5dB@13cm.
Further description:

Homemade sequencer with power switches for PA supply, relais, possibility to switch pulse relays. Feature to lock other sequencers if common feed is used.
Some description, foto and schematic can be found here:

PCB DSOXLAN clone network card for for DSO-X30xxT scopes, verion with additional USB-UART option (only the bare PCB, i also have a corresponding RJ45 socket).
The PCB was design by user podonoghue, not by me. You can find the design on github:

If you are interested, please send me a mail. I can share details and we can negotiate about price. You may search my blog for the items.
I will not sell outside EU!