HiQSDR is the further developed version of the DDC/DUC frontend from Jim, N2ADR. I follow this project since 2010 now. Based on the original design Jim developed for his nice SDR software quisk, Helmut made a very powerful and complex setup consisting of a transceiver board, preselector PCB, medium power amplifier, enclosure and 100W PA.
Meanwhile there is also support for other software and interface to tools that are more common. Stefan DL2STG did some useful extensions to the code of Jim. Now the FPGA transceiver can do the following:

  • simplex and duplex receive and transmit from almost DC up to 60MHz
  • up to 1MHz RX bandwith with full resolution and >3MHz with reduced resolution
  • narrow band and wideband TX
  • CW generation directly frontend, low latency
  • scalar network analyzer operation
  • full bandwith spectrum analyzer / waterfall mode with 60MHz
  • aquire IP address via network (only Jims version 1.4)
  • almost standalone operation possible only with a Raspberry Pie PC with latest FPGA from DL2STG (1.3-sg7)

    Here and there i will publish some Howto and videos below this page.