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short:  Mario Rößler
at home in Dresden
born in Zschopau in the Erzgebirge
grown up in Grießbach near Zschopau
Hobbies Amateur Radio (DH5YM, Training Call DN5TA), Geocaching

I was born in Zschopau in the Erzgebirge.

I grew up in a small village named Grießbach. I went to school in Scharfenstein, Großolbersdorf and to the Gymnasium Zschopau. By the way there is a Alumni page for the last one. You can find it at www.abi-in-zschopau.de
After the school i had to serve at the german army in Oberviechtach in the Oberpfalz.
Between 2001 and 2007 i studied Informationstechnik (Information Technologies) at the Technical University of Chemnitz.
Since the end of my studies i work for a Semiconductor company in Dresden in the field of software defined radio applications.

About my hobby:
In the age of 12 someone brought two CB walky-talkies. Immediately i got “infected” by the radio bacillus. After 3 years in 1996 with almost 15 i got my first amateur license with the callsign DG1YM. Two years later i did the telegraphy exam and got the callsign i still hold, DH5YM.
Amateur radio is a hobby for people interested in radio, the technical aspects ans well as the usage of radio waves. In contrast to CB radio this includes the self-construction of the transmitter and receiver equipment. But before you can start operating your own transmitters you have to successfully pass an exam at the radio regulation authorities and get a so called license.
After that you are allowed to participate in worldwide communication in the amateur radio bands that cover alle the wavelengths from longwave, medium- and shortwave over VHF up to the high microwave frequencies. The operation modes vary from traditional telegraphy (CW), phone, video but also low-speed and high-speed data communications.
Radio amateurs also operate own large data and voice networks.
Many radio amateurs in Germany belong to the German Amateur Radio Club (DARC). This club is organized in districts and these are organized in local clubs (Ortsverbaende).
From 1997 to June 2007 i did belong to the “OV” Annaberg-Buchholz (S48). You can find the page at www.darc.de/s48. Since then my base is the club of the Technical University of Dresden (S07). The Homepage URL is hier. Quite some people of S07 (and some others) form the VHF-/UHF-/SHF contest group DM7A.

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2 thoughts on “About me …

  1. Hallo Mario,
    mein Name ist Siegmar Broßat / DL1JBO. Ich betreibe in der Nähe von Mittweida eine Wetterstation, die auch über APRS eingebunden ist. Die Station befindet sich in unmittelbarer Nähe von 51.00 N 13.00 E. Seit längerer Zeit kommt genau auf diesem Standort auf APRS.FI eine Wetterstation mit der Kennung xxnnnn und unmöglichen Werten – der Urheber dieses Eintrags war nicht zu ermitteln.
    Jetzt erscheint auf dieser Position ein Eintrag für eine Aussendung von DH5YM-B, gekennzeichnet als D-Star-Repeater. Betreibst Du tatsächlich dort, mitten in der”Pampa” ein Relais?
    Bei bestimmten Karten-Massstab überlagert sich die Markierung dieses Relais mit meinem Wetterstations-Eintrag vom Baumpark Ringethal.

    Könntest Du mich bitte aufklären?
    vy 73 Siegmar / DL1JBO

  2. Hallo Siegmar,

    das sendet wohl die Hotspot Software automatisch ins Netz. War mir nicht klar, als ich die Position nur grob eingegeben habe. Ich werde das mal ändern. Vielen Dank für den Hinweis. Mein Standort ist Dresden und da steht auch der Hotspot.


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