Octagon OSLO TCXO Modification

I have an older OSLO LNB which, was my spare for the websdr. Now i want to use it for QO-100. To improve the temperature stability a TCXO was fitted in place of the original crystal. Find some pictures below.

The type is a TXC 7N-26.000MBP-T from TXC. It works from 2.7 to 5.5V. Luckily the LNB works with 5V from an 7805 regulator. The TCXO was supplied by Michael DG0OPK. He suggested this type and already modified a OTLSO some years ago.


Some warning: This might not apply to current types of the Octagon LNBs. As far as i know you will likely get a 25MHz crystal version if you try to buy one. It will not be possible to use the 25MHz LNB with a lower reference frequency.

LNB with NXP TFF1017 IC could be an alternative as far as i know. I have no experience with this type. Here is some reference:


Back to the OSLO:


First i removed the crystal. It is necessary to use hot air because otherwise the pads might be damaged. But they are still needed. Also the 0 Ohm resistor over the two traces that go between the two pads needs to be removed. The trace connected to the former crystal pad closer to the RF section needs to be disconnected. This crystal input will be left unconnected.

OSLO LNB with crystal removed

Now a insulated copper wire can be connected to the pad of the former 0 ohm resistor that leads to the converter IC. The capacitor to ground at the crystal pad close to the 7805 regulator needs to be replaced by a short. The other crystal capacitor should be replaced by 100nF.

OSLO prepared for mounting TCXO

Now the TCXO can be soldered. It is important to avoid shorts of the pins of the TCXO towards the PCB. I soldered the TCXO slightly elevated. It is important to keep distance from the border of the PCB because the cap of the LNB still needs to be mounted. The insulated copper wire can be connected to the output of the oscillator which is pin 5 (right of the row of capacitors). The pad with the remaining capacitor towards ground needs to be connected to the output of the 5V regulator. It is the regulator pin with the 0 ohm resistor.

The pins of the TCXO are assigned as: 9=VCC (left of the capacitors), 4=GND, 5=Output.

OSLO with TCXO mounted