DUR June 2021

17 QSO on 23cm and 2 on 10GHz. Quite good activity on 23cm due to ongoing Alpe-Adria Contest.

DUR 21/June 23cm result – Kartendaten: OpenStreetMap-Mitwirkende, SRTM | Kartendarstellung: OpenTopoMap (CC-BY-SA), DL4MFM log analyzer

2021 June NAC 70cm

Rig: HiQSDR, Iceni Transverter, 50W, HA8ET LNA, 15ele
Result: 13QSO, 5900p, ODX SM6VTZ 820km

I drilled some additional holes into the boom of an old 21 Tonna fragment in order to mount the mast clamp. Together with a 2nd segment this gave 15ele with some suboptimal clamp mounting close to one of the directors. But better than my 5ele lightweight i estimated. It turned out to be right.
Some of the OZ stations where easy to work. OZ1DLD/P even in SSB. Outstanding signal from SM7DTE. ODX was again SM7VTZ with a rather short AP reflection this time. But i was happy to work him with my 50W qrp signal. An average of 424km per QSO is surprisingly good.

15ele made of parts from 21ele tonna

my 70cm “transverter in a box” mess. But it does the job.

Jun21 NAC 70cm – (C) OpenStreetMap-Mitwirkende, SRTM | Kartendarstellung: OpenTopoMap (CC-BY-SA) – created with DL4MFM log analyzer

IARU June contest 2021

Because of some Covid restrictions still in place in DL there was the decission to remove the nigh time from the contest period in Germany. For me this was a very unfortunate decission since this is usually the only time where i can operate without interruptions or other assignments.
In the afternoon there was quite some RS condition. I tried to find some QSO partner on 6cm but did not succeed. I heard DB0FGB (JO50), DB0NCO (JN59) and a OK station calling. The OK station did not come back to my call and i was not lucky in the ON4KST chat.
Videos of the beacons received:

Watch this video on YouTube.

Watch this video on YouTube.

Then i switched to 10GHz. Usually i am limited to direction south because of problems moving the dish through the upper roof window. This time i managed to put the little plastic dish outside to work some station to the north. At least DF0YY made it to the log this way.

Dish for 3cm on the roof top direction north-west

Jun21 3cm – (C) OpenStreetMap-Mitwirkende, SRTM | Kartendarstellung: OpenTopoMap (CC-BY-SA) – created with DL4MFM log analyzer

Rig 3cm: FT-817, old transverter, 10W, 35cm dish with W1GHZ dualband horn
Result 3cm: 7QSO, 660p, ODX OK1FPR 200km

Later i tried 23cm. 10pm local time was already close. But i was not sure if i would be able to do some more QSO on sunday. So i decided to give some points to others outside DL at least and continued for a while. In the end i did not switch on on sunday again.

Jun21 – 23cm – (C) OpenStreetMap-Mitwirkende, SRTM | Kartendarstellung: OpenTopoMap (CC-BY-SA) – created with DL4MFM log analyzer

Rig 23cm: HiQSDR, MKU13G3, 100W, 36ele
Result 23cm: 19QSO, 4600p, ODX HA5KDQ 550km

NAC2m June 21

Short participation in 2m NAC.
Rig: HiQSDR, ME2T, 200W PA, 4ele
A nice SSB QSO with SK7CY, ODX PA0O 540km.

June 21 NAC 2m – (C) OpenStreetMap-Mitwirkende, SRTM | Kartendarstellung: OpenTopoMap (CC-BY-SA), map created with DL4MFM log analyzer