2021 June NAC 70cm

Rig: HiQSDR, Iceni Transverter, 50W, HA8ET LNA, 15ele
Result: 13QSO, 5900p, ODX SM6VTZ 820km

I drilled some additional holes into the boom of an old 21 Tonna fragment in order to mount the mast clamp. Together with a 2nd segment this gave 15ele with some suboptimal clamp mounting close to one of the directors. But better than my 5ele lightweight i estimated. It turned out to be right.
Some of the OZ stations where easy to work. OZ1DLD/P even in SSB. Outstanding signal from SM7DTE. ODX was again SM7VTZ with a rather short AP reflection this time. But i was happy to work him with my 50W qrp signal. An average of 424km per QSO is surprisingly good.

15ele made of parts from 21ele tonna

my 70cm “transverter in a box” mess. But it does the job.

Jun21 NAC 70cm – (C) OpenStreetMap-Mitwirkende, SRTM | Kartendarstellung: OpenTopoMap (CC-BY-SA) – created with DL4MFM log analyzer