Marconi Memorial Contest 2020

Due to partial lockdown no multi-op activity. Other weekend activities cancelled as well, so found some time to participate the MMC from home.
The setup was my usual HiQSDR + ME2HT + 200W Transistor PA + 4 ele.
About 11h operating time resulted in 134 QSO with ODX 730km..

It was pretty obvious that almost all the big multi-op teams where missing. Still some good DX oportunities even for my tiny station.
IQ3AZ was super loud. The attempts with SM6VTZ and YO5LD failed although we heard each other for short moments.

9A8D JN95LM 731 km by DH5YM
9A4M JN85EI 669 km by DH5YM
IQ3AZ JN65QQ 602 km by DH5YM
S51S JN75ES 595 km by DH5YM
HA6W KN08FB 592 km by DH5YM
HG1A JN86MM 564 km by DH5YM
9A5RJ JN86EL 550 km by DH5YM
PA0O JO33HG 539 km by DH5YM
HB9FAP JN47PH 529 km by DH5YM
S59P JN86AO 528 km by DH5YM

Marconi Memorial Contest 2020 // Image created by DL4MFM log analyzer. Kartendaten: OpenStreetMap-Mitwirkende, SRTM | Kartendarstellung: OpenTopoMap (CC-BY-SA)