DRM reception with N2ADR frontend

The following video shows a reception test of a shortwave DRM station using the direct sampling frontend designed by N2ADR. The SDR software Quisk allows for adjustable filter bandwidth up to 21kHz from version 3.5.2.
The soundcard output was fed into another PC’s soundcard. There DREAM DRM software decoder was running.

DRM reception with N2ADR frontend and Quisk 3.5.2 and DREAM

DUR April 2011

Today another DUR contest. I tested my new 1.5m mesh dish made by DG0CN. Some new qso were possible with the higher gain of the antenna. Also did some qso on 24GHz. Overall a good result. After the contest i also heard fragments from HA8MV. This was never before possible. Otherway around i would need some more output power i guess.
Special thanks for the qso to DL7QY, OM5CM, DJ1LP.

DUR equipment in car
new 1.5m dish on portable tower