DARC 10m Contest

DARC 10m contest from Triebenberg JO61XA.  Rig: Hiqsdr, 100W class C amplifier, 2x deltaloop. Software: Quisk, forwarding 192kHz to CW-Skimmer, TLF filling the bandmap from the CW Skimmer spots and controlling Quisk. CW keying via cwdaemon.

I worked 49 QSO and about 1800 points. Points for improvement:

– change both antennas to horizontal

– use a passive switch for the antennas since the 12v->24v caused interference

– improve the filters for the bandmap (avoid hp stations, highlight multies)

The wheather was quite stormy and i had problems with the fibre mast. Conditions were very good with band wide open.