20220705 NAC 2m

Quite a good evening on 2m in the NAC activity.
200W and 4ele from home. Some nice aircraft scatter QSO. For example DK0IZ first time in SSB.

2m 22/07/05 NAC2m – Kartendaten: OpenStreetMap-Mitwirkende, SRTM | Kartendarstellung: OpenTopoMap (CC-BY-SA), DL4MFM log analyzer

March 21 IARU contest

Since there were still heavy covid restrictions and no chance to sleep somewhere we decided not to go to JO60OM for multi-Op. I was planning to be part time qrv from home in JO61UC. Since i completed my test-setup of the Iceni 70cm transverter i was able to operate 3 bands, 2m,70cm,23cm. More bands are not possible because the mast is too short and 13cm is not ready yet.
Despite i thought different my main operating time was saturday afternoon. I started with 70cm because i was curious for this band that i never operated from home before. It started very slow, almost nobody qrv in the beginning. During the contest some nice QSO came on top with S59P and S57M. Keep in mind that this is only 5ele and 50watts.

70cm March 21, OpenStreetMap-Mitwirkende, SRTM | Kartendarstellung: OpenTopoMap (CC-BY-SA), DL4MFM Log Analyzer

I later changed to 23cm and did some qso there. On 23cm it is a bit easier since i have 36ele and 100W. Many thanks to DL3IAS and DL3IAE for the ODX QSO via AS.

23cm March 21, OpenStreetMap-Mitwirkende, SRTM | Kartendarstellung: OpenTopoMap (CC-BY-SA), DL4MFM Log Analyzer

2m i started in the evening after the kids were sleeping. Unfortunately the conditions were very poor and i ended up with frustrating 20 QSO.

2m March 21, OpenStreetMap-Mitwirkende, SRTM | Kartendarstellung: OpenTopoMap (CC-BY-SA), DL4MFM Log Analyzer

Overall the result was a bit disappointing with the highlights of the 70/23 ODX QSO and the fact that the 70cm transverter was working fine.

6/4/2m ES 20.5.2020

Today there was some good ES on the VHF bands. I managed to do some QSO. The FT8 monitor received quite an amount of stations. MUF moved >200MHz and there were some spots of stations from EA/CT… I did not receive anything on 2m.

4m FT8 traffic received by DH5YM FT8 monitor 2020/05/20. Map data by Openstreetmap contributors and waypoint data by pskreporter.info

worked stations: EA6XQ, EA3WD, EA5DF, EA6SX, OK1AGE, DL6AKK, CT1BXT, EA5TT

There was some SSB traffic as well. I did not have time to try. Some SSB stations call above .200 and cannot be answered anyway by DL stations.

6m FT8 traffic received by DH5YM FT8 monitor 2020/05/20. Map data by Openstreetmap contributors and waypoint data by pskreporter.info

VUS Contest July 2019

Originally i planned to join some contest operation on the hill. On short notice i had to withdraw because my time did not allow. So i used some time in the night (when the kids are sleeping) and a little time Sunday noon to make some QSO from home. This time i operated a DK7ZB dual band yagi for 2m and 70cm. It is a 4ele on 2m and a 5ele on 70cm. The next highlight was that i was able to turn the antenna automatically and completely do remote operation from anywhere in the flat (at least for 2m). Many thanks to the guys from IQ5NN which where so patient to complete the ODX QSO with my tiny 50W. I also heard IO2V and another I station but was not able to do the QSO. In the end it was 37QSO and almost 10k points of cherry picking. 10 QSO on 70cm were done with the 20W from my good old FT-857D. 23cm i did not plan to do but the antenna was still on screwed to the mast, so i did 5 QSO. One fast local QSO on 13cm finally. 9, 6 and 3 cm were not activated because of no time.

I have to say that i cannot install fixed antennas. So its always a portable like style with small antennas that fit through the roof window or just point out there. And this kind of operation is only possible if it does not rain and it is not too cold.

DK7ZB Yagi for 2/70 and Quados for 23cm

2m Sporadic E 2019/07/02

Today i managed to catch a tiny bit of the 2m sporadic E opening. Although i only have a tiny setup with 50W into a mobile antenna on the rooftop i was able to work 3 stations in soutch EA. The cloud was above HB9 and gave some good signals from EA.
I worked:
This was how the MUF map from dxmaps.com did look like:

2m sporadic E map (dxmaps) 20190702

And in those locations i was heard during the evening:

pskreporter dh5ym coverage 20190702

Posted in VHF

4m access in DL / 13cm&6cm for class E

German BNetzA released notifications 414/2018 and 415/2018. Those extend the permission for class E operators to work in the 13 and 6cm band as well give a new permission for 4m band access in DL. On 4m class A will be allowed from now on to Dec.31 2019 to work between .150 and .200 with 25W ERP max.

Some more sporadic E on 4m

Recent days showed some more sporadic E conditions. I worked EA and LZ. Monday evening i went away from the PC and when i returned i saw a CQ from 9K2YM. Unfortunately it was too late. Later on i also catched a CQ from S01WS. PSKReporter showed some really interesting spots by DK2EA. He received stations from the Carribean sea and others received transmissions from Japan and eastern China.

CQ of 9K2YM

4m ES condition on July22 2018.

BTW: the very nice and useful DXMaps page has changed to openstreetmap. Now its possible to show screenshots which was not possible because of license restrictions before. Thank you very much!

MSK144 QRP and ES0UG (/8)

This week some people from here work from Estonia under the call ES0UG (and ES0UG/8). Since there are no good ES conditions currently we tried MSK144 meteor scatter. I did not think there will be a lot success since i can only run 25W ERP. But finally i god some of their CQ.

ES0UG/8 calling CQ in MSK144 from KO18

During my lunch break i did not have success. In the evening we tried again and were able to complete the QSO to KO18 field within about 1.5h.

Since yesterday evening the crew is qrv from the next island in KO19. We tried again in MSK144 and this time we had bursts rather early. It still took more than an hour to complete the QSO and this time i have a nice screenshot.

ES0UG in KO19

Since i did not expect that it will work at all i am quite happy with my first two QSO via MS. I also got some spots from G3SHK. Many thanks!

Another great ES opening

This evening great ES opening to EI and G. And a surprise in between with S01WS.

It started in CW with EI4DQ in IO51WU and then i worked:

In the screenshots 23cm is displayed as QRG. This is because i use a wrong transverter setting in my SDR software which is taken over by WSJT via hamlib.

finally worked S01WS

big signals on 4m

4m ES opening June 1st 2018

This evening pretty good ES opening into several area of Europe. Also the 4m band was in quite interesting condition.
I worked some EA station + OH + SP all in FT8. Seems most of the stations are in this mode now.
Signal were pretty amazing strong. Also heard G and several times the OY6BEC beacon in IP62 as well as a LA beacon.