Last days i spend some minutes getting the RTL_TCP server running with OpenWRT Backfire on one of my WGT634U routers. These routers have a USB2 port and i can connect my NOXON DAB Stick directly.
I crosscompiled the packages. The sources and a Makefile for the OpenWRT build system you can get from the Osmocom page. You definitively need libusb for getting it running.
For the brcm47xx plattform you can find the both packages here:
Attention: The both packages have not been added to my Packages file in the directory. So you have to copy them manually and install them to your OpenWRT. The dependencies are resolved automatically.
After that you probably need to configure the firewall on the router to pass port 1234 to the outside and the RTL_TCP server needs to be started with option -a #lan-interface-ip#, otherise the server will listen to localhost only. With my WGT634U i experienced that i cannot set the samplerate to 2MSpl/s. In this case the router reboots after a few seconds. With 1MSpl/s it worked smooth so far.
With running the server on a embedded system you can install the frontend at a completely different location than the client.