DUR Contest April 2010

This was my first DUR activity this year. I found time to participate from Hirtstein/JO60OM. DL2LCE and DL8WQQ were there as well and operated some hundred meters away. This was the first time i tried my FT-817 together with the transverter and a new LNA stage as well. Surprisingly heard no beacons before the contest started. But a test with DG0VOG showed that all things were working properly, puuh. Unfortunately there were complaints about my signal by DL2LCE which i have to follow up now. So i did not call CQ on my own and just worked stations. In the end i had 18QSO and around 1200km in sum.
BTW. the small panel antenna is for 5GHz WLAN as it can be used for Hamnet.

DUR Apr10, JO60OM