AX25 with OpenWRT backfire 10.03

Today i tried OpenWRT backfire 10.03 with AX25. Last versions i had hard problems getting ax25 compiled for brcm47xx and also problems with the floting point emulation inside the kernel. First made usage of the native linux ax25 tools impossible and last prevented usage of the popular ax25 router software xnet (which is unfortunately closed source). Either one or the other worked.
Today first the AX25 stuff was not build as well when i selected kmod-ax25 inside “make menuconfig”. But after i selected the ax25 kernel support inside “make kernel_menuconfig” suddenly the kmod-ax25 module was build. That happened never before ;) I also switched on kernel FPU emulation which is off per default. And what should i say. Also XNET worked after i flashed all the stuff to the router. So OpenWRT backfire should be an excellent point to start AX25 operation with.

It works ! – Kernel AX25 with OpenWRT

… Kamikaze 7.09 and Kernel 2.6.22.

It took a while but finally i got it ;)

Compiling a Kamikaze with build in AX25 support, manual copy of crc16.ko because the package is not built automatically. Afterwards install stty manually because i did not know whether the serial port was working with the correct speed. In the end i discovered that you have to set the correct speed in /etc/ax25/axports because this number is used by kissattach to overwrite the value that was set before. Nice to know. This was not the case some years ago.

The connection from the terminal to my XNET TNC3S looks like this: