DUR Contest May & WebSDR

This time DUR contest together with Steffen DJ5AM.
QRV on 23cm, 13cm, 10GHz, partly 24GHz.
Not very much DX on 23cm this time but some nice 10GHz QSO with the station of Steffen.
I made a short video receiving my 23cm signal with the WebSDR located at my home QTH.

DUR Contest May 2013 - receiving myself on my 23cm websdr
Watch this video on YouTube.

The WebSDR is a test and receives 23cm & as well as 10GHz using 2x RTLSDR USB sticks.
PA3FWM kindly added support for these types of USB receiver sticks which makes it very easy to setup WebSDR receivers for the bands between 24MHz and 1700MHz. One is connected to a crystal stabilized sat LNB which makes the receiver for the narrow band section of the 10GHz ham band.

As long as the receiver is online you can find it here:

The following pictures show my 23/13cm equipment after then end of the DUR test ready to go home and the 10GHz and 24GHz station of Steffen, DJ5AM.