Marconi Memorial Contest 2012 – JO60TR

I had the chance to run the MMC 2012 from the QTH of DL4DTU in JO60TR. Special thanks to Norbert !
The antenna was a 8ele and about 400wtts with Norberts TS850 + Transverter.
Since i had no equipment to carry despite a PC for logging and calling i decided to give some monitoring with a SDR solution a try. I used my 20Euro Noxon DAB Stick with SDR# to observe the frequency occupation. Surprisingly this simple device did a fairly good job. Unfortunately i was not able to get my CwSkimmer working again although it worked fine before at home. Because of the high density of stations i faced strong QRM. In the end i had about 230 QSO with about 60k points. Thats a fair result for my first MMC and a single antenna system ;)
The short video shows the PA of Norbert, the USB stick for internet connection, the logging PC, the SDR PC with the Noxon stick and (most important ;) ) the heater.

Marconi Memorial Contest 2012 – DH5YM – JO60TR

Watch this video on YouTube.
Band during MMC12 in JO60TR

Band during MMC12 in JO60TR