HiQSDR and HiQScope

Recently Jim, N2ADR released a new version of his FPGA code for the HiQSDR/N2ADR frontend. This brings improved TX filters that should now also support FM and DRM TX. Stefan, DL2STG ported his HiQScope extension to the new Verilog code. This made me want to give it a try. It is really impressive how this makes the HiQSDR a 60MHz Bandwidth spectrum analyzer with waterfall functionality. And it can run in parallel to the regular transceiver application.
The screenshots below show the unfiltered spectrum from a short mobile shortwave antenna. The big signals above 16MHz are images of the extreme strong FM radio stations that i have here. Below the shortwave radio bands can be seen.

HiQScope Waterfall

HiQScope Waterfall view

HiQScope Spectrum

HiQScope Spectrum view