DUR October 2011

Last weekend another DUR activity from Triebenberg JO61XA. This time 23cm only. I did not modify anything in my setup.
The conditions were better than usually but degraded during the 3 hours. I was able to work OZ3ZW, HA8MV/p and also DL7QY just to name the 3 most far stations out of 22 QSO.
In the end this was a new record for me from JO61XA with a sum of more than 3000km.
The other side of the medal: usually the far stations are just workable after a ping in KST chat. Fortunately i could work OK2UYZ and DH7OT random this time. On the other hand this activity contest should gain some activity on the bands and this it achieves with and without chat.
I think now i need to improve my station again now. Probably some more power on 23cm. 10GHz and 24GHz are in the pipe but it depends on my spare time when i will complete them. At least W1GHZ promised to send me one of his nice dual-band feedhorns.