Compiling WSPR for Linux (Ubuntu 8.10)

Here the steps that lead to successfully starting WSPR 1.1 on my Ubuntu 8.10 system:

From OH2GQC i got the information how to checkout the sources (You need SVN installed before):

mkdir src
cd src
svn checkout svn://
cd wsjt/branches/wspr

now you need a couple of packages necessary to compile/run WSPR. The list can be found at

python-numpy 1.1.1 (no problems with this version here yet)
python-imaging tk
subversion tools (I may have thrown this in for good luck)

In addition the gfortran compiler seems not valid for WSPR. Download the g95 debian package and install it. This compiler will work.

When i tested the revision of the trunk of the WSJT tree was something 11xx. There i got several error messages after typing make. Therefore i reverted the directory of WSPR back to r1045 which was said to be ok. I did this in the WSPR directory with the command:

svn up -r 1045

After that a ./configure should work and after that make should do all the compile stuff.

After that start WSPR with the command: