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Dresden | Loc: JO60vx, ASL: 200 m





Welcome to WebSDR receiver Dresden
This receiver was first established in 2013 and is intended for microwave reception (e.g. checking own signal).
In addition it is used for sporadic-E monitoring on 6m, 4m and 2m.
Currently there are two receiver paths and the following bands are active:
(1) 10GHz Southeast LNB feedhorn
(2) 23cm South Bi-quad ** 6/4/2m Omni 2m Big-wheel ** 70cm same 2m Big-wheel
Rainscatter prediction can be found at the page of TK5EP External Link
Please log new beacons at DL0TUD beacon list: External Link. Mention WebSDR reception.
The receiver will report its FT8 decodings to PSKReporter as DL0TUD/RX External Link
Sporadic E live MUF maps at External Link
OpenWebRX client log
Support and information: Mailinglist
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